Is The JBL Clip 4 Worth Your Money?

There are so many small Bluetooth speakers available, it’s hard to not say to yourself, “Oh, screw it!”, and buy the first one that sells for what you want to spend. That kind of thinking could be a mistake because there is a lot of good to great speakers selling at good to great prices. One such speaker is the new JBL Clip 4 ultra-portable waterproof speaker. The question is, “Is it good or is it great?”

The Clip 4’s audio upgrade doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. It lost some features in the redesign, no longer including a 3.5mm input or an internal microphone for taking calls directly. It’s also rather pricey for a speaker its size. But its mix of great sound and a versatile, truly rugged design, makes this a speaker you’ll happily transport from the confines of your shower stall to the hotel, the pool, and just about anywhere else you want to jazz up your favorite tunes.

What it is?

The JBL Clip 4 ultra-portable waterproof speaker is a small, handheld Bluetooth speaker with a built-in aluminum carabiner allowing the Clip 4 to be securely attached to a belt loop, backpack strap, or anything else you can think of. The Clip 4’s oval shape fits and feels good in the hand. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and rugged enough for inclement weather and even total water immersion. There are seven colorways available in the US: Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Blue/Pink, Squad (camouflage), and Red. Charging is via USB-C.

Who should get the JBL Clip 4?

Bike commuters will greatly appreciate the redesigned carabiner on the Clip 4.
Students may not have room for something like the JBL Charge 5, but they can still enjoy dorm-filling sound from this tiny speaker.
Outdoor enthusiasts can take full advantage of the IP67 rating on their adventures. (Just make sure you don’t blast your music too loud: people want to appreciate nature too.)
Anyone can use the Clip 4, and it even makes for a great shower speaker.

What’s it like to use the JBL Clip 4?

Design and features

JBL has a habit of just tacking a number on their speakers as they’re updated. The Clip 4 is no exception. It follows the Clip 3 (still available), which followed the Clip 2, which followed the original Clip. I reviewed the original JBL Clip speaker in 2014, noting that not only was it not waterproof, but it also couldn’t even get wet. The new Clip 4 has a respectable IP67 waterproof rating (30 minutes at 3 feet completely submerged). Over the years, Bluetooth speakers sure have improved!The Clip 4 comes in many colors. My favorite is Gray because the parts look like their leftovers from other speaker colors giving it a hand-me-down eclectic look. The front and back of the speaker are covered in a durable cloth sandwiched over a tubular aluminum frame. Large silicone buttons protruding from the fabric on the front and side of the Clip 4 make it easy to select On/off, Play/pause, volume, and Bluetooth pairing by feel only. There’s also a giant, matching silicone JBL logo on the front speaker grill. A silicone linear grid on the back grips the speaker in place when placed on a hard surface.

How long does the battery last?

JBL amped up the battery life on the Clip 4: it lasts 10 hours and charges via USB-C. It takes three hours to recharge the speaker and there is no fast charging. The 10-hour battery life varies, and depends on the volume output. If you crank the volume to the max, don’t be surprised to find the battery life falls short of the official readout.

Does it more durable and more accessible

We’ll talk about the lesser aspects of the conspicuous new look further below, but one thing’s for sure: the Clip has never been easier to use. The boldly labeled control keys at the front stand out much better than those on the Clip 4’s predecessors, making it easy to adjust volume with the side keys and control both play/pause and song skip with the center key.

Does it sounds good for its size?

You don’t expect a lot from a speaker this totable, and frankly, while I’ve quite enjoyed the Clip 3 as my bathroom buddy for the past year, its sound always came off with a bit more ping (and a lot less bass) than I’d like. Hey, it’s just a shower speaker, right?

Powering up the Clip 4 to hear its rumbling audio trademark, I was immediately impressed by the rich and full bass response. After all, we’re talking about a 40mm internal driver, the same size as what you’ll find within the earcup of your favorite travel headphones. And yet, what JBL has managed to pull out of this little thing is special. I’ve heard a lot of small speakers, and especially when you’re talking about budget models, the Clip 4 blows the majority (including its Clip 3 sibling) out of the proverbial water. Going back and forth between the two felt like going from AM to FM. Goodbye tinny bass, hello full-fledged sound.

Should you buy it?

Absolutely, this is one of the best speakers in my arsenal
The Clip 4 sounds better, works better, and is more durable than the already-handy Clip 3. Is it the best Bluetooth speaker out there? No, and in fact, I own two speakers that easily outdo it when it comes to sound quality: the Megaboom 3, and the wondrous Bowers & Wilkins T7. That said, both of those speakers cost a pretty penny more than the Clip 4 and neither is as packable or as versatile. Most notably, the Clip 4 is the first speaker of its size that I’ve actually enjoyed listening to, and that means I’m going to bring it along — and be glad I did.

The Clip 4 is an obvious choice for those seeking an extremely portable shower speaker you’d actually want to listen to. As the maxim goes, you should always be willing to invest in the things you use every day, and while you can get much cheaper speakers in this class, you’ll hear the difference. If you’re the kind who loves to wake up to music (or podcasts) in the shower — or wherever you find yourself — the JBL Clip 4 is a fantastic investment.

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